Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cherry, Pistachio And Vanilla Biscotti

Happy Sunday, CT Readers!

It's been awhile, I know...but I'm here with a scrumptious biscotti recipe for you.  

This is the second in the series of baking my way through Susan Rosso's NYT article "Not All Biscotti Are Created Equal."  You may remember the earlier post on Traditional Italian Almond Biscotti.  

I really like this latest incarnation because they are hearty.  No delicate, fragile cookies here.  Of course, the whole point of biscotti is a cookie tough enough to stand up to dunking and these certainly make the grade.  But the sensual combination of vanilla (a whopping 2 TB!), toasted pistachios, and fat, juicy cherries put these over the top. 

I think next at bat in this series (well, it is Spring...) will either be the Anise, Orange And Pignoli Biscotti or Maple Walnut Biscotti With Maple Icing. Stay tuned...

Print recipe here!