Friday, June 14, 2013

My Turn...

Hi!  Thanks for coming by today. I want to talk with you about an idea I've been toying with for a long time.

You may know from reading my bio, that I used to co-own a dessert catering business. That business, called I Love Cheesecake!, was started with a recipe from my late mother's baking collection. And while successful for a few years, my good friend/partner and I came to a crossroads that eventually led us to disband the business (keep the friendship, leave the business). But I've always had a small voice in the back of my head, quietly saying, "someday I will do that again." Well, that day is here.

But it's not without a little bit of fear and trepidation that I tiptoe back in. I certainly can't afford to give up my full-time job. But if I don't take a stab, it will never happen. And while this is something I am passionate about from my foodie side, it's also something I want to do to keep my mother's memory alive. Being an only child, I don't have the collective history of siblings to fall back on. And as I've gotten older, memories of my childhood and teen years get harder to recollect. My mother died when I was 19 so I don't have alot of years with her in my memory banks. But I do remember the wonderfully delicious cakes and cookies she made. And the warmth of the house on baking days. She and my grandmother made many fabulous baked items, but the most standout thing was this cheesecake.

So I am excited to present
I've decided the best way to honor my mom's memory is by naming this venture after her. I just love how it sounds! 

I'm starting small -- just baking for family, friends (and friends of friends) so I can keep the quality top-notch (one cheesecake at a time). And as the tag line says, this is classic cheesecake, albeit with a slightly modern twist. No "frou-frou" flavors here - no jelly bean or margarita cheesecakes! 

What makes this cheesecake different from others? This is the lightest, creamiest cheesecake I've ever had (and believe me, I sample them everywhere I go!). This is not dense, New York style cake (no offense, NY cheesecake lovers). And the modern twist? Well, the original flavor is kicked up a notch with a hint of freshly grated orange rind. The hazelnut? It's baked in a vanilla cookie crust and the batter has an essence of Frangelico liqueur. Are you a chocolate lover? Then the double chocolate cheesecake is for you. And at Thanksgiving, look no further. With a bit of Jack Daniels in the batter and gingersnaps in the crust, this pumpkin cheesecake will be the star of your holiday table.

More info to come as my adventure progresses. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Have you started a small business recently? Any tips/advice you'd like to pass along?

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bergen County Firefighter's Food Face-Off!

Looking to add a little extra fun to this weekend’s Father’s Day activities? Well, if you are in the north Jersey area, stop by Fairway Market in Paramus for the third annual FIREFIGHTERS FOOD FACE-OFF! This grilling “throwdown,” pits several of Bergen County’s firehouses against one another to prove which one has the best barbecue.

The winning firehouse will not only receive bragging rights as the best grillers in Bergen County, but also the opportunity to name the charity of its choice to benefit from Fairway’s “NJFD Shopping Day,” which the Paramus store will host on behalf of the winning team’s favorite charity.  All proceeds from the $2 charge for food at the event will also go toward the winning firehouse’s charity of choice.  
2012 Winners

Participating firehouses include the Park Ridge Fire Department, Ridgewood Fire Department, and Hackensack Fire Department. The firefighters will compete to cook their tastiest ribs, burgers, chicken or vegetable skewers, plus a secret ingredient that will only be unveiled once the contest has begun.

In addition to the food and festivities and in honor of all dads on Father’s Day, professionals from the Hackensack University Medical Center will be at the Firefighters Food Face-Off to answer questions and provide valuable health information.

It all takes place Sunday, June 16 at high noon in the parking lot behind Fairway Market’s Paramus store in the Fashion Center Mall on Route 17 in North Paramus, NJ (RAIN OR SHINE).