Friday, August 22, 2014

Late Summer Peach and Tomato Salad

That title should read Peach and “JERSEY” Tomato Salad because it’s at this time of year when New Jersey produce shines brightest. We had a terribly late spring, which means the tomatoes that are our pride and joy did not really come into their own until just. about. now. So here’s a recipe that takes full advantage of beautifully ripe peaches and luscious Jersey tomatoes.

We enjoyed it with crispy grilled chicken drumettes (thank you, Goffle Poultry Farm), fabulous potato salad (thank you, Christine), and sweet JERSEY corn (what, you were expecting our corn to be from somewhere else? Come on!). The salad is courtesy of a wonderful nutritionist at Morristown Memorial Hospital who sends out a terrific weekly recipe roundup. So you know this is healthy!

With only two official weekends of summer left, you’ve got to jump right on this!

PS: If you are in the north Jersey area this Sunday, August 24, I'll be a judge at the annual Fairway Firefighter's Food Face-off in Woodland Park, 12noon. Stop by to say hello!