Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Un Caffe, Per Favore!

Have you seen or heard about "Pocket Coffee?" Neither had I, until recently. These are shots of espresso (not espresso-flavored) encased in bite-sized, delicious, dark, praline-enrobed chocolate imported from Italy. Could it get any better than that?!

My friend, Noreen, was lucky enough to score a sample from someone she met on a plane. When I dropped something off at her house a day or two later, her husband was raving about them, but teased me by waving the package in front of me, telling me he couldn't share them with me as they were being saved for their daughter (it's a good thing I really like their daughter!).

I was, of course, now laser-focused on procuring some Pocket Coffee. Doug said you could only get these on-line or in Italy. Since I didn't have much chance of going to Italy anytime soon, being the internet-savvy girl that I am, I immediately started to scour the web. I didn't have to scour too hard. My Google search turned up several sites offering Pocket Coffee. Just as I was about to place my order, a little voice inside piped up "why don't you try the Italian specialty food store around the corner from your house first?" Duh...(I love that little voice). The next day I dispatched Barry to A&S Pork Store (BTW: if you live anywhere in the north Jersey area, a pilgrimage to A&S for all things Italian is in order). Lo and behold, he came through with the goods. A package of five little coffee rockets for a mere $3.89 and no shipping!

These chocolates are not only delicious, but they have a nice little kick. They are the perfect pick-me-up! Divertire! (enjoy!)

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