Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good Saturday Morning Muffins!

Actually, these are Good Any Morning Muffins. I just happened to make them on a Saturday but they would be a terrific weekday muffin because the cool thing about this batter is that you whip it up the night before, let it chill out in your refrigerator over night, and then it's ready to go when you're ready to go!  Even better, is the fact that this batter can sit for two weeks in the refrigerator.  Now, I haven't tested it for two weeks but the good folks at King Arthur Flour have and I think they are pretty trustworthy.  

The batter goes together very easily (as with most muffin mixes, no electric mixer is needed) and it's loaded with all sorts of good things for you: 3 cups of bran cereal (I used a combination of All Bran buds and twigs), buttermilk, raisins, etc.  I added raw pumpkin seeds and chopped walnuts for a little crunch (definitely a good move).  I thought about adding some flaked coconut, but thought that might be one toke over the line for tastes and textures.

And so when I woke up extraordinarily early today (even by my internal clock) and hungry, my first stop was the kitchen to preheat the oven (even before boiling the water for coffee). I loved that the batter was ready and waiting in the refrigerator and all I had to do was spray a few of the muffin cups, scoop 1/4C of batter into each well and pop them into the oven. What could be easier than that?  Well, maybe eating them!  After approximately 20-25 minutes, they were ready. I let them sit for a couple of minutes, then added a dollop of Italian orange marmalade, sat down with the Saturday edition of the NY Times, and took a bite. I am always a bit hesitant when making a new muffin recipe because there is the chance they will turn out dry and heavy.  But not these - these were moist and delicious with a wonderful chewy texture.  I had to strongly resist eating another.

So if you've got some house guests for the holiday weekend, or just want an easy, delicious breakfast treat waiting for you in your refrigerator, try these.  I've dubbed them Saturday Morning Muffins, but you may just consider them Every Morning Muffins.  

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  1. Terry, the muffins look fantastic!

    Preparing food the night before is an excellent time-saving tip too.

    [ I'm more of a WSJ person myself ;) ]


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