Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grilling Season is Upon Us!

With the recent Memorial Day holiday signaling the official outdoor grilling season (at least for those of us north of the Mason Dixon Line and east of the Mississippi), I wanted to share news about a new line of beef at the A & P line of stores (includes Waldbaum's, Pathmark, FoodBasics, The Food Emporium, and SuperFresh).  They are launching an association with Woodson and James Angus Beef. They held a public BBQ at their Woodcliff Lake, NJ store over the weekend and invited The Cook's Tour to a tasting.

All of Woodson and James beef is single-sourced, which provides A & P with quality control and a grain diet produces tender, juicy, delicious meat.

A & P's new Director of Culinary Creations, Chef Michael Grieb, is committed to providing their customers with as many locally produced products as possible (sort of "farm to table" at the supermarket level), including the sweet corn enjoyed by the attendees. 

They offer local ground beef raised in the mid-Atlantic area, and their chicken and turkeys are fed veggie diets and given no antibiotics.  All stores will be promoting "grill ready" options for the summer, meaning meats that are prepped and ready to go on the grill (very convenient!).  In addition, a new line of gourmet burgers will be showcased (bacon cheddar, Vidalia onion, and mushroom Swiss) - these could be a big hit at your next party!

At the BBQ, they offered a delicious brisket that Chef Michael cooked "low and slow" for 10 hours. They also highlighted a new line of hot dogs that I thought were terrific. Pearl Kountry Klub Hot Dogs from the Boston area had great texture and a nice snap (as they say in the frankfurter biz...). What makes these dogs so delicious is the use of brisket for the meat and the  special blend of spices.

If you have one of these stores near you, check out their new offerings for your next BBQ.

To round out your grill menu, I offer one of my favorite summer dishes, Red Cabbage Roquefort Slaw. This is a unique take on the usual BBQ sidekick - creamy and tangy, and sure to wow your guests with its gorgeous presentation. Thanks to Debbie at for the lovely photo.

And for dessert, a simple, but tasty Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Walnut cookie (sure to please both children and adults).  The addition of whole wheat flour makes these on the healthier side, not too sweet but very satisfying. Thanks to my friend, Michael, at work for this recipe.

Drop me a note and let me know what's on your grill this summer!

Onward urban grillers - may the grill be with you this season!

Print Slaw Recipe Here

Print Cookie Recipe Here


  1. Go grill! Those dogs look pretty darn good.

  2. Hi, Belinda! They were great! Thanks for reading The Cook's Tour!


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