Friday, June 8, 2012

Five Acre Farms

When Five Acre Farms first contacted me about their products, I thought “ok, it’s milk, what could be the big deal?” I get the whole “local sourcing” thing, and always try to buy local produce, etc., if possible, but never thought to apply this to dairy.

The company generously provided samples of whole, reduced fat, and fat-free milk. My initial impression: WOW!  I could not believe the difference in taste between Five Acre Farms milk and the milk I’d been buying forever. This milk is full of flavor (imagine that) and richness (yes, even the reduced fat and fat-free). 

A week later, samples of their heavy cream and half and half arrived. I am a devoted half and half user for coffee. No half and half for the coffee? No, thank you. It’s my only vice and I don’t plan on giving it up anytime soon. Five Acre Farms half and half made my Stumptown Coffee even more amazing.

What did I do with the heavy cream? Whipped it into a smooth and creamy chocolate mousse that was heavenly.

They also produce apple cider and applesauce with very short ingredient lists. One item: apples.  The only way to describe the cider is luxurious, and the only descriptor for the sauce – velvety. I’ve never had more delicious cider and applesauce.

Five Acre Farms is a  line of supermarket-ready produce and products that are grown and prepared within 275 miles of where they are sold. Some interesting facts about Five Acre Farms products:
  • Their milk is bottled within 8 hours of milking and is delivered from udder to shelf in less than 36 hours
  • It's so local, they put the name of the farmer on every bottle
  • Grade A, pasteurized and homogenized. No rBST or antibiotics
The products are sold in a wide variety of stores, such as Fairway, Stop 'n Shop, and all over New York City. 

This was quite the find. I certainly won’t be eating my morning cereal with watery, tasteless milk anymore! I love the fact that not only is the product just about as fresh as you can get it (unless you live on or near a farm), but it's preserving farmland, and rewarding sustainable farming practices. All that sounds pretty good to me. The only thing that could make it better would be old-fashioned home delivery!

Five Acre Farms


  1. Thanks for featuring this company! I've tried their milk, but was highly suspicious of the "Local Milk" label. I didn't find it to taste better than non-local organic milk, but I do like to support actual, local companies. It's not organic, is it?

    1. Hi, Jennette. Thx for your comment. It's not organic. I found their milk to taste much better than the non-organic milk I'd been buying all these years. I agree with you -- it's good to support local companies, especially farmers. Thx for reading The Cook's Tour!

  2. Hi Terry - great to meet you today at the Jersey Bites event. I'm always looking for local food, so thanks for this information.


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