Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Celebrity Chef Experience at Home!

Sometimes when I watch one of the many cooking shows on TV, I think “if only I could have Chef (insert your favorite TV chef’s name here) whip up that meal for me at home!” Mainly I think this while watching Ina Garten cook fabulous meals at her gorgeous home in the Hamptons (Ina, if you’re reading this…)

Well, now having a celebrity chef in your kitchen is within reach. Chef Justin Antiorio, of Hell’s Kitchen season 10 fame, and a New Jersey native, has put together a program to bring his special blend of culinary talent and fun personality to private homes.  Chef Justin offers an exquisite four course culinary experience for dinner parties and special occasions. He will develop a menu to suit your event and taste, arrive for your event with all of the details you discussed in order and personally introduce each course to round out the experience.

From his education at the Institute of Culinary Education to working at such well known restaurants as Highlawn Pavillion and the 21 Club to working with star chefs Marcus Samuelsson, Gabriele Hamilton, and of course, Gordon Ramsay, has given him a well-rounded outlook on the food world. Chef Justin says his Hell’s Kitchen experience taught him a lot about working with different personalities (very useful in real life!). 

Asking him to describe his culinary style, Justin free associated:

·       Contemporary American
·       Fresh, local
·       Chef’s table
·       Customer enjoys being there

Definitely things I look for when dining in or out!

Chef Justin has provided his famous pretzel crusted crab cake recipe for our readers so you can try it out while thinking about inviting him to your home for a truly exciting and delicious culinary experience!

Visit his web site for more information.

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