Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer Cocktail Program

OK, people, listen up. Next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, aka, The Official Start of Summer. Here in the Northeast we’re praying for some warm sunshine to herald in the long awaited season and cast off the memories of that dismal, never-ending winter.

Added this year to my repertoire of summer food and beverage is Jack Rudy Tonic.  Tonic, you say? All this lead up for tonic? Yes, my friends, tonic. What I’ve discovered through a friend-in-the-know from the Southland is a handcrafted tonic that is going to ramp up your G&T or V&T to dizzying new heights.

Based in the South where they know a thing or two about cocktails, Jack Rudy Tonic combines quinine with a delicate mix of botanicals. Pair this with your favorite vodka or gin, a slice of tart lemon or lime, and you will have, IMHO, probably the finest summer drink you’ve tasted in a long, long time.

If the thought of a lazy afternoon on your back porch with an icy cold beverage in your hand, sounds like a little slice of heaven, then procure yourself a bottle of this tonic, and set about to making it happen. Summer is short, my friends, better get started.

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