Sunday, December 28, 2014

Luvo Flatbreads

I was just introduced to a delicious new product from Luvo, a company whose philosophy is, food should be delicious, nutritious, and it should come from a good place (meaning supporting farmers, using non-GMO, antibiotic-free meat and poultry). They also believe the smart choice should be an easy choice (don’t sacrifice nutrition or taste in the name of convenience).

That all sounds great but you know I’m all about the taste, ‘bout the taste, ‘bout the taste (sorry, couldn’t resist)! The folks at Luvo sent me four varieties (2 breakfast and 2 lunch/dinner); mushroom and egg flatbread with spinach ricotta, and an apple-cinnamon flatbread with apricot ricotta. The lunch/dinner flatbreads were a caramelized onion mushroom with ricotta cheese, and a market vegetable flatbread with roasted eggplant, zucchini, and bell peppers.
Apple Cinnamon Flatbread

First off, they are quick and easy to prepare. Pop them into your toaster oven (the recommended prep) and bake for 6-8 minutes. I am definitely a breakfast person so I was eager to try those products first. Really liked the apple-cinnamon-apricot-ricotta flatbread. Thankfully, the flax seed crust was not what I expected (i.e., resembling cardboard). It was appropriately crunchy with a nice, toasty, wheat flavor. But the real plus here was the topping! Delicious, not-too-sweet, chopped apple-apricot jam over ricotta. There are two flatbreads to a box (breakfast versions), and one flatbread definitely kept me going for a few hours. They are low in fat, high in fiber and protein, and only 240 calories (one flatbread).

Unfortunately, they’ve got some work to do on the mushroom-egg flatbread. I liked the concept, but the eggs just don’t translate well to toaster oven preparation.

Caramelized Onion Mushroom Flatbread
A couple of days later it was time to try the dinner varieties. The caramelized onion and mushroom flatbread was delicious and the definite winner of the two flavors. Again, the platform is a flax seed crust. This time it’s topped with nicely caramelized onions, tender mushrooms, and a ricotta-herb topping. A clever addition is a packet of balsamic glaze that you add when the flatbread comes out of the oven. This gives it a little zip. Add a salad, a glass of sauvignon blanc, and you’ve got a quick, tasty dinner.

With the New Year holiday later this week, I could see these cut into wedges for an easy cocktail party appy or as part of your brunch menu.

The dinner/lunch varieties have one flatbread per box for 191 calories.

Luvo Flatbreads are available in supermarkets around the country.

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