Saturday, February 6, 2016

Gingerbread Pound Cake

During these long, dark, cold winter days you need a little warmth and comfort to get you through to spring. At least I do. And for me, comfort food equals cake. Not just any cake. I need a coffee cake-type cake. It needs to evoke memories of years ago when my Mom would bake her cream cheese pound cake, or sour cream coffee cake, and friends would come over for "coffee and." It didn't involve any fancy cooking or pretense. It was just coffee, cake, good friends, and conversation. Does anybody besides me remember this quaint, old-fashioned custom? God, I miss it. Nobody drops by, nor do we invite anybody, for "coffee and." We're all too busy living our busy lives.

So last week post-blizzard, and feeling like my cat desperately trying to stay warm (cute, isn't he?), I rummaged around in my files for just the right cake. I could have made the cream cheese pound cake, or any one of a dozen of my Mom's recipes, but I wanted something new. And I found it in the Brown Eyed Baker's Gingerbread Pound Cake. It had all the right stuff - cinnamon, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, sour cream, molasses, and brown sugar. And it had that great pound cake texture I was looking for. 

It did not disappoint. The house smelled wonderful and the taste was perfect, just gingerbread-y enough, not overpowering. 

Do yourself a favor. Make this cake, then invite some people you really like for "coffee and." I will be doing just that!

Eat well, stay warm, be happy.

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