Monday, May 11, 2020

Tropical Sunrise

Since I’m writing this from Puerto Rico, the title could refer to a literal “tropical sunrise,” of which we have beauties most mornings. Or, it could refer to my new favorite drink. I picked up this recipe during a visit (or two) to Casa Bacardi in Catano, PR, where I fell in love with this drink. Tall, cool, refreshing, in a beautiful shade of chino (orange), and a breeze to make, it’s my new go-to evening cocktail. Even better, it’s only got four ingredients! If you need a little taste of the islands (and who doesn't right about now?), whip up one of these babies and transport yourself to isla del encanto. (island of charm).
Tropical Sunrise (recipe makes one cocktail)

1 orange slice
2 oz white rum
Passionfruit juice
Splash of grenadine

In a tall glass, muddle an orange slice. Fill the glass with ice. Add rum, fill glass with juice. Transfer mixture to a cocktail shaker & shake it up good. Pour back into tall glass, add splash of grenadine. Enjoy!

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