Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The MOST Incredible Cookie!

I know that is quite a statement - but I'm not kidding. Just look at that photo - these are delectable!  And I'm not even that big of a chocolate fan, but these are 2Die4. Somewhere between a brownie and a cookie - why, it's a "Brookie!" 

I made these on Sunday and I wanted to immediately run to my computer to let you know about these, but between rooting for the six-time Super Bowl champion Steelers (YES!), and getting home a little late from work yesterday, I simply ran out of time. But I just had to start this post to let you know how wonderful these are.

Sorry to sort of tease you, but I've got to run now so I promise to post the recipe tonight. Believe me, you will want to fire up your oven and make these asap. Think hazelnuts, bittersweet chocolate, and bite-sized lusciousness...that'll get you through the day.

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