Saturday, May 7, 2016

Food 52 "Bestest" Banana Bread

Happy Weekend, Cooks Tour readers! Hope all is well in your part of the world. Here in New Jersey, we have been in a malaise of continuous cold and rain and gray for about two weeks. But the local weather people tell me that we are about to turn the corner - sun and warmer temps on the way tomorrow!

In honor of a good day to stay in and bake something warm and cozy, I chose something from the terrific Baking book from the wonderful writers and bloggers over at Food 52. 

I’ve baked (and written about) banana breads before here and here. And I was a little late in purchasing this book but I finally got around to it and spent a recent lazy afternoon paging through one great recipe after another. So today when I realized that two bananas were past their prime, I immediately went to this book for a recipe. I threw in a handful of toasted, chopped walnuts to add some crunch (good move!), and slathered some butter on it this morning to enjoy with my coffee. I think cream cheese would also be a delicious option! And maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon and sea salt...just sayin'

Are you looking for an easy (I mean, really, this could not be any easier) and delicious banana bread recipe? This is for you, my friends. 

Happy #SaturdayBaking!

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