Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Armchair Vacationing

Greetings, Dear Readers.

Hope you are all doing OK. 

There was good news today that an FDA independent review board found that the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine appears to meet the standard for emergency use authorization. So we are one step closer to the FDA clearing it for immediate use (the FDA will meet on December 10 for a full-day public meeting to discuss the data). We’re still months away for enough vaccine supply for the general public, but at this point I’ll take whatever good news I can get.

Along those lines, as I was cleaning out my inbox, I came across several blog posts about some of the beautiful trips taken in 2018 and 2019. As I read, I found myself transported back to Paris and the dreamy French countryside, the awesome northern Italian alps, the zen-inducing British Virgin Islands, the inspiring vastness of Tanzania, the hustle-bustle of Lisbon, and a few others. If you, like me, need a diversion from the approaching winter season/second COVID-19 lockdown, grab a coffee (or a glass of wine), find a comfy chair, and take an armchair vacation. 

Stay well!

Gorgeous figs at the Paris market.


A hearty first course for lunch in northern Italy.

Northern Italy Photo Tour:

Beautiful serene lake, northern Italy

Northern Italy:

Accompaniments for wine tasting, Portugal


Adorable baby elephant, Tanzania


Sunrise, British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands:

Rodney Scott BBQ, Charleston


Fabulous whiskey sour, Charleston

Charleston, Part II

Up close & personal with a curious monkey, Costa Rica

Costa Rica/Panama:

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